Why look at US mathematics programs?

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Availability. My efforts to build a database on Primary, Secondary and College School materials (there are an additional 800 terms for the first 2 years of mathematics programs in undergraduate mathematics) has never been funded, so I have had to depend on friends, colleges, and school districts which have Math textbook series that I could borrow and review. I do have series from other learning communities like the UK's SMP, Ghana's Joint Schools Project, Philippine curriculum guides and others have been cataloged. Unfortunately most of these are from the 60's and represent a 5 to 6 years spread of materials (and trying to get the data off my Apple II DOS 3.3 disks has not been successful).

Secondly, I can not believe that a country that has developed much of the technologies that have impacted the world (correction the average person in the World's streets!), did so by having badly designed mathematics programs. Its programs succeeded because they took into consideration linguistic, economic and social considerations in their curriculum design.

Jim Kelly (the committee of one)

Jkelly952 (talk)03:58, 7 November 2009