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K-12math.info simplifies searches:

K-12math.info exists to help anyone “… to help a 7 year old (second grader) to add whole numbers” . Be they classmates, parents of, teacher of, school content coordinator, reference librarians, materials developer, curriculum designers, undergraduates and graduate students who are preparing to help.

In this information age, how can we improve the way to help those who help that 7 year old so that their learning opportunity will not be lost?

www.K-12math.info has redesigned the approach to finding information. K-12math.info focuses only on the terms and resources that the learner needs to be successful in mathematics. A simple to use [no typing needed] user interface to accelerate searches is used. Information is displayed in a “calendar style” format with over a 1,000 "months" of information on commercial, OER and Open Access elementary and secondary school mathematics information. This easy to use index provides page numbers on over 200 commercial textbooks and over 6 500+ links [March 2020] to OER and Open Access resources (like Singapore Math, Bangladesh Mathematics, Houghton Mifflin, McGraw-Hill, CK-12, Khan Academy, A+ Click, India's NCERT,South Africa's Ukuqonda Math and others have been cataloged).

see K-12math.info

* K-12math.info a top 5 star Merlot Open Access educational resource that has been twice nominated (2018, 2016) by United Nations members for the World Summit in the Information Society (WSIS) e-learning award.