Why are they nominated?

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As an active community member I have been following all this quite closely. I would definately say the council and WE is exactily where it should be. The council is in the storming stage and WE as a whole is a teenager... ;) Keep up all the great work council, everyone is exactly where they should be !!!

My question, Why are they nominated?!? Why wouldn't the "non-elected" members come from the community in a way that is non-traditional like the suggested nomination. We are pushing the bounds of innovation in education and the application of social networks. Why wouldn't the "non-elected" members be based on the UPE or choose an approach that isn't based upon elected member(s) bias??? (An example; Every month the new UPE would be asked to join the council, if they decline everything stays the same, if they accept the longest standing "non-elected" member steps down.) Wouldn't this kind of approach be more community based and less "biased"??? This approach would also keep things fresher... When I look at the current council and the proposed nominated council, I don't see a lot of new faces. A council structure that keeps its freshness (new blood) is a sign of health.

Just a thought, cheers...

Prawstho (talk)11:33, 11 October 2008

Hi Peter --

That's good left brain thinking and aligned with the wiki model. mmmm interesting. Technically the elected members could institute a nominated seat(s) on Council for this Community Category, eg for a UPE, a featured institution or whatever.

Yeah -- in my view, this is worth thinking about.


Mackiwg (talk)11:44, 11 October 2008