What qualifies for the timeline?

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As the list grows, it begs the question of what to include. I believe that quantity is useful as there are people and systems that can make sense out of it in various ways - I suggest an open philosphy of "the more the better" with the following criteria in mind:

a. a milestone is significant to the OER movement such as the first of something, or the birth of something that has become meaningful. Significance is subjective, and I believe that all milestones should be included as long as significance is (a) noted in the entry, and (b) referenced with a paper, article, or series of blog posts, describing its significance to the movement.

b. a milestone has to use a free and open license (not just freely available)

I think that's about all we need for criteria? Suggestions?

Cgeith (talk)01:18, 30 July 2009