What is academic writing?

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How does academic writing differ from other types of writing? it is different because we belong to a college dregree and we are required to write more formal. we are not in high school anymore and the way we use to write in there might not be the correct one to argue about a topic.

What is the function of academic papers? its function is to write a constructed argument about a topic and stablish what we think about that topic, but we need to be supported by details or facts that can give credibility to our topic.

What are the concepts of academic writing? There are three concepts for academic writing that might defined well what it is, the first one is "Academic writing is writing done by scholars for other scholars" the second is "Academic writing is devoted to topics and questions that are of interest to the academic community". And the las one is "Academic writing should present the reader with an informed argument"

What does the following statement mean? ...academic writing is writing done by scholars for other scholars. It means that now we are in a college level, and our work needs to be more formal and have a clearer argument. Maybe the work that we use to do for lower levels is not appropriate anymore. We now belong to a community of scholars and we need to write in certain way, we are aske to think, argue and comment in a way that our education end preparation will help us to do and understan.

Is it okay to include personal responses in an academic paper, why? when writing a about a topic it is needed to write what you know about the topic and later what you think about it.

How does one form an informed argument? when we are writing about a subject we need to ask firs these questions: What do I know about my topic?, What seems important to me about this topic?, How does this topic relate to other things that I know?, What don't I know about my topic?in these way it might be a kind of guide to start writing what we know about the topic. And then the part about what we think about the topic we can summarize, evaluate, analyze or synthesize our personal response to the subject.

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