What is academic writing?

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How does academic writing differ from other types of writing? Because it has to be more ellaborated and it has to be like really formal.

What is the function of academic papers? To help us research and develop a topic in which we are interested.

What are the concepts of academic writing? 1. Academic writing is done for students to some other students. Students have to argue and develop their own ideas about a certain topic and then share their work with somebody else.

2. Find a topipc that could be interesting not for you but for your classmates and teacher.

3. Students have to really investigate about their topics and then write what they understood about it, but always remembering that it has to be interesting for the writer and for the reader.

What does the following statement mean? ...academic writing is writing done by scholars for other scholars. That students have to share their work with their classmates and it has to be clear and understandable for them as it was for the one who wrote it.

Is it okay to include personal responses in an academic paper, why? Yes it is because students have to talk about their own point of view and in some cases compare or discuss about it. How does one form an informed argument? First we have to think in what we know about the topic and then if it is not enough well, we have to research about this topic.

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