What is academic writing?

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1.Academic writing is very different from other types of writing, because here is: scholars writing to scholars. The topic that you choose, has to do with academic community, topics that students are familiarize with. 

2. The main function is to inform academic community. when writing we must consider different aspects that will help us to develop a great topic. Academic writing, is not like high school, to write and write and maybe without any coherence, writing in college has to be more complex.

3. The concepts for academic writing are basically three: Academic writing is writing done by scholars for other scholars, as i said before. Academic writing is devoted to topics and questions that are of interest to the academic community. it is important to know that we are writing to scholars, so we have to talk about topics related to that context ( academic community) Academic writing should present the reader with an informed argument: when writing it is important to consider what i know, what don't i know, what is known and what i think about it.

4. The phrase: "academic writing is writing done by scholar for other scholars", is mainly to write a college student. 5. We as writers shouldn't include personal responses in an academic paper, because we should consider ourselves as readers too. 6. The informed argument is as i said before, to see what i know about the topic, what dont't i know, and what is known. the form argument is just to meet the expectations for the academic readers, in this case our college students.

Alexandra1102 (talk)02:03, 10 September 2010