What is academic writing?

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RAUL N. 1.-The difference is that in academic writing we have to write clearly to get an interesting and appropiate topic for readers or for the objevtive, to use coherence and cohesion in the paragraphs, to use different vocabulary, it means to replace common and colloquial words by using synonims, to use appropiate tone and style according to academic level and finally one of the most important aspects is that all that we write is researched in different sources.

2.-I think, it is to give information, to entertain, to illustrate, to teach, to have a different perspective, to create different opinions about a certain topic.

3.-It is written by the same academic community for the same one. It is interesting for the audience to whom it concerns.

4.-The students who write, they write for the same community, to look for the topic they ar interested in, to know the activities they do etc.

5.- Yes, because besides the information given in the writing paper, we have to include our own point of view according to the information we obtained in order to show different opinion.

6.-By researching the topic we want to write it. look for information that it going to support in different sources in order to get more than one idea about it.

Mr snow (talk)01:54, 10 September 2010