What changes were made to derive this libre/sustainability interpretation? and Discussing new Changes

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Many. I started with the 18:15, 26 November 2009 version of the long version and made changes which varied from correcting typos and minor (though significant) wording to rewriting paragraphs and glossary entries. The changes align the charter with Say libre and Declaration on libre knowledge. This version is more visionary and less confrontational. In order to see the actual changes, I set up a "differences" page (go through its history from the bottom up).

Some changes (possibly) worthy of discussion:

  • The word "democracy" is used sparingly - replaced by references to freedom and equality.
  • The word "libre" is used to disambiguate "free" and instead of "open" when we mean open in the sense of "libre".
  • Slight compromise with "open standards" - prefer to say "libre standards" but did not have time to do a thorough check on which required standards are open but non-free.

Re: Discussing new Changes from now on: See also the issue tracker.

KTucker (talk)05:51, 11 December 2009