What are your thoughts on quality and open authoring?

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I don't have any concerns yet. However, I consider that an Open Authoring Approach provides a great opportunity to work in group, share our knowledge and expand it at the same time while working trhough the internet. It also allows not only teachers, but also students, to share, comment, add information and get help from others since it's a collaborative work. Nowadays, it is important and it is crucial to familiarize and use technology because is around us and in terms of education it can provide us with a lot of learning resources that we can take advantage to develop better classes. Moreover, I consider that we should be very careful and aware of what is uploaded in the wiki, in this case, in order to have reliable information. Monitoring our work is a good way of keep control of the information that we are going to share and/or discuss in these environments.

Losh (talk)02:58, 15 August 2010