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To iterate once more on this, I added some new bits to the document to reflect the implementation stage, but quickly realized that I don't know what Council will do to communicate ratification/approval of a process, so I'm not that sure what the implementation steps should be.

I ended up adding two more sections,

  • "Response from Council" under "Making a submission"
  • "Implementing new policy and guidelines" as a new section to reflect actions that the Community Workgroup needs to take to activate the policy.

Although I set it up as two pieces, there are certainly other ways of doing this. See what you think.

In suggesting that the policy be moved to WE namespace page, what should we do with the Appendix (listing suggestions for future work)? Should the Appendix stay with the Workgroup? Or maybe the Appendix section should go in the header section of the new policy page's talk page? Probably related to how WE want to handle changes to approved policy (see note below).

Also, I propose the name Category:WikiEducator policies and guidelines. I'm not sure the ramifications of combining these two in one category (something like style guidelines would be listed as a set rather than each one separately), but figure we can delineate later if needed.

And here are a few more items that we need (related to policy and guidelines). I vote for tackling these in the next phase of work, assuming it's WE Workgroups that should work on these:

  • template for approved policies that marks the document approved, links to overview page on policy and guidelines, and categorizes page into WE policy and guideline category.
  • main page describing WE policy and guidelines
  • statement on how to revise policies (I was thinking that Workgroups would do this, but maybe we want a more open "propose, talk, revise" process that anyone can participate in at any point) -- I think we should discuss this on the main list.
ASnieckus (talk)04:38, 31 August 2009

Hi Alison,

I've read the two new sections -- makes good sense to me. I've added a bullet about effective date.

We can sort out the detail on the Category -- possibly implementing a sub-category solution.

I agree that the extra bullets should be tackled in the next phase of work.

Again -- congratulations to the team on a job well done!

Mackiwg (talk)18:45, 7 September 2009