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Hi Bronwyn & my fellow students

Sorry I missed your session yesterday. I shall catch up tomorrow night. I have already been in contact with Bronwyn by email so I will just re-introduce myself - I'm Rachel Humphrey and you can find out a bit more about me & what I do in my newly created blog http://travellinghumphrey.spaces.live.com/blog/

Now I just to figure need out how to publish my last blog draft and subscribe to this discussion page so I can keep up with everyone else :) I feel like a new student all over again!

I am also seeking a partner for the project assignment so if you are keen, please get in contact with me ... Bye for now

Rachel humphrey (talk)20:43, 27 July 2010

Hi,Rachel, I will be needing a partner and would link up with you if that works for you. I am not very experienced so if you get a better offer please feel free to take it. Regards, Misha

Cros96 (talk)15:27, 30 July 2010

Hello Rachel Good to meet you and great to see your blog is up and running. To follow changes to this page you can click the "watch" link at the top right - next to: Welcome to the Evaluation of eLearning for Effective Practice - on this page. You have to be logged in to see the tab. You will then get alerts to your email when new discussions are added.

Bronwynh (talk)16:15, 30 July 2010