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Still after a partner if anyone else is...016:57, 10 August 2010
Welcome to the Evaluation of eLearning for Effective Practice1913:49, 10 August 2010
Hello from Mareena113:47, 10 August 2010
Salutations from Jon!013:44, 10 August 2010
Hi all from Lisa010:41, 3 August 2010
Hullo015:12, 2 August 2010

Still after a partner if anyone else is...


Just a reminder that I am till looking for a partner if anyone else is. i have starrtd looking at the Cisco Networking case study and have hasd some initial thoughts but am happy to look at any o the others!

Let me know!

Cheers, Alex


AlexR-G (talk)16:57, 10 August 2010

Welcome to the Evaluation of eLearning for Effective Practice

Hello everyone. I hope you find the course interesting and are inspired to get evaluating. As I said in my introduction ( on the Home page, I was inspired by studying with John Hedberg. Since then I have put what I learned to practical use in lots of projects.

Learning about the intricacies of evaluation is a bit like learning to ride a bike - a bit bumpy at the start, slightly confusing and precarious, but if you hang on and keep going things straighten up eventually. The practical project you carry out means you get real hands on experience with evaluation. If you are smart you will choose to evaluate an area of eLearning which has been needing some attention for a while. The information you find out will give you some street credibility in your work, and kudos with your colleagues and managers.

I am really looking forward to getting you on the "bike", keeping you on there, and helping you cross the finish line. How many of you are following the Tour de France? I hope you find this course a lot less gruelling than that, and a lot of fun; perhaps with a bit of uphill work, but mostly an opportunity to coast along and enjoy the scenery. --Bronwynh 04:20, 25 July 2010 (UTC)

Bronwynh (talk)17:20, 25 July 2010

Hello everyone,

My name is Dana Karem. I am a learning advisor at Manukau Institute of Technology. I assist students to develop learning techniques and expand their knowledge in the fields of biosciences and health studies. Please click here to view my blogs including the one I just created for this course (which you will find empty). I truly believe that I will enjoy this course tremendously. Cheers,


Dkarem (talk)15:36, 26 July 2010

Hi everyone (know most of you I know already)

I am a part-time primary school teacher who is studying eLearning independently of my work place. I have created a blog but unlike Dana (Hi Dana me again) I have put stuff in it. Also allows RSS feeds if you so want!

Kind regards


Katie (talk)22:13, 26 July 2010

Hello Katie,

Nice to see you again.

Cheers :-)

Dkarem (talk)22:19, 26 July 2010

Hi Bronwyn and fellow students.

Great to see familiar names on here. I have just enrolled on this paper yesterday. (Late as usual!). I have set up my blog this morning. [here.]

I have been passionate about eLearning for a number of years ever since I experienced the way students were engaged with different aspects of it. Wherever possible I have tried to embed eLearning into my teaching practice. In a past life,(in the UK) I used to teach Food Science for 16 years. It could sometimes be difficult to keep some learners on track with some of the theory work. This was where tools like cameras and interactive whiteboards came in useful. Digital microscopes were a revelation!

Other elements of my teaching philosophy are more fluid and I often like to take risks and then evaluate the results for use in the future.

I am involved in lots of eLearning projects in my day-to-day work. These can be numerous and varied. I don't always know the answers to everything, but can usually find someone that does!

The implementation of Moodle has been very successful here at UCOL and I am more than willing to share our experiences with any of the group. We made one or two mistakes. :-) The biggest challenge was getting staff to engage as they had become used to using Blackboard for a number of years.

I have still not made a decision on what my evaluation plan is yet. Hopefully will come up with something this weekend. I'm looking forward to collaborating with everyone again. Best wishes to everyone!


Musicforparties (talk)13:43, 29 July 2010

Glad you made it Kevin. Your blog post is very funny so you are now officially assigned the duty of keeping us happy and entertained.

Bronwynh (talk)16:22, 30 July 2010

Good one Katie. I have a link to your blog and the others on the Course Blog so people can see the posts as they are updated. A quick way to skim people's blog posts is to subscribe to each blog using something like Google reader.

Bronwynh (talk)16:20, 30 July 2010

Good to see you have more than one blog Dana. I see you now have something written on the blog for the course.

Bronwynh (talk)16:18, 30 July 2010

Hello Bronwyn

Sorry I missed your session yesterday.  I shall catch up tomorrow night.  I am Louise Rummel and I work as a Senior Lecturer in the 'Department of Nursing and Health Studies.  I work with BN1 or the first semester students predominantly and teaching the foundational topics in nursing.   I am a fairly new chum to the technology but have learnt a great deal through the course.  I will be working with Dana as my partner.    He is my partner and my mentor in technology - he is quite remarkable.  I am looking forward to working with the group.  It will be an exciting but I am sure challenging semester.  Louise

Lrummel (talk)14:02, 27 July 2010

Hi Louise,

Good to see you on board again. Looking forward to the discussions and sharing best practice over the next few weeks. We did good on the last paper eh? Kind regards, Kevin

Musicforparties (talk)12:08, 31 July 2010

Hi Louise,

Good to see you on board again. Looking forward to the discussions and sharing best practice over the next few weeks. We did good on the last paper eh? Kind regards, Kevin

Musicforparties (talk)12:08, 31 July 2010

Belated Welcome!

Kiwicanuck (talk)13:49, 10 August 2010

Hi Bronwyn & my fellow students

Sorry I missed your session yesterday. I shall catch up tomorrow night. I have already been in contact with Bronwyn by email so I will just re-introduce myself - I'm Rachel Humphrey and you can find out a bit more about me & what I do in my newly created blog

Now I just to figure need out how to publish my last blog draft and subscribe to this discussion page so I can keep up with everyone else :) I feel like a new student all over again!

I am also seeking a partner for the project assignment so if you are keen, please get in contact with me ... Bye for now

Rachel humphrey (talk)20:43, 27 July 2010

Hi,Rachel, I will be needing a partner and would link up with you if that works for you. I am not very experienced so if you get a better offer please feel free to take it. Regards, Misha

Cros96 (talk)15:27, 30 July 2010

Hello Rachel Good to meet you and great to see your blog is up and running. To follow changes to this page you can click the "watch" link at the top right - next to: Welcome to the Evaluation of eLearning for Effective Practice - on this page. You have to be logged in to see the tab. You will then get alerts to your email when new discussions are added.

Bronwynh (talk)16:15, 30 July 2010

Hello everyone,

I recognise some of the names in this course from a paper I did last year, so it's nice to meet up again.

My name is Veronique Olin and I work part-time at Otago Polytechnic in the Educational Development Centre supporting to staff to develop online learning programmes and resources. I've spent much of the last eight months supporting staff to use our new learning management system, Moodle. Things have cooled off a bit now so I've got time to do more study and I'm really looking forward to getting in to it.

You can find out a bit more about me on my blog eLearning journal; I'll use EeLEP in the title for posts related to this course.

I'll be at the elluminate session tonight so hope to catch up with some of you there.

Cheers, Veronique 

VeroniqueO (talk)16:08, 28 July 2010

Hi,Everyone , Just trying to get established and find my way around the course. I ,too, recognise some of the names from previous courses. I have "done" two other papers and have really enjoyed them. However, I need to add that each paper so far has stretched me and caused a few headaches till I get my confidence up. I am at MIT also and teach on the Diploma of Counselling Programme and the Certificate in Social Services. We are in the process of redeveloping the Certificate programme so this course should be quite relevant. Haven't thought seriously about the Assignment yet as I am trying to sort out blogging etc first. Are there any others who are newbies to that? Regards, Misha

Cros96 (talk)15:23, 30 July 2010

Hello Misha great to see you have been doing the rounds and replying to people. You have made an excellent start.

Bronwynh (talk)16:17, 30 July 2010

Hullo from Me
Tried introducing but ended up with a new header....thats me.Couldnt figure it out until i hit the reply button.Bingo So guys, i am meena and this is my 4th module.Had so much fun in the technical appreciation and facilitating online modules.Looking forward to learning with you all. P.S Bronwyn i am ready for the tour in your bike. Cheers Meena

Sana (talk)15:42, 2 August 2010

Hi Bronwyn and everyone else! Am back from holiday so am spending some time catching up and getting sorted - hopefully finding a partner too :).My blog is here [1] and am already following many of you - especially nice to see the familiar faces! Looking forward to catching up with everyone on the 11th. Cheers, Alex

AlexR-G (talk)21:53, 7 August 2010

Hello from Mareena

Mm… finally I’ve landed in the right place. I shouldn’t have had a holiday at the beginning of the course. I have so much to catch up from my work and from this course as well. Good to see some familiar faces here. My name is Mareena and I am a learning advisor at MIT. At the moment I am the only one ESOL advisor at the centre that keeps me busyyyy. Things will change when we have another advisor on board soon. I missed the web conferences and not sure if I could join the other ones coming because of Ramadan. We observe fasting from sunrise to sunset for a period of one month. 6.00- 6.30 pm is my time to breakfast… thinking of other options… You can view my blog here:

Mareena (talk)13:04, 10 August 2010


Kiwicanuck (talk)13:47, 10 August 2010

Salutations from Jon!

Great to be aboard. Typical me, I tend to make things harder than they actually are sometimes at the beginning of some things, so this is me finally catching up and finding my pace :). Visit my blog ( ) , follow it if you want, I'd love that.

To sum my first blog entry, I'm not a teacher, and this is part of a "plan" for my "encore" stage of life (50+). I'm very excited (and nervous), but mostly excited to be on this path. This particular course has me kinda in the "what the..." stage right now, but Bronwyn's passion for it has already shone through to ease my anxiety, and I look forward to a great new learning adventure!

Kiwicanuck (talk)13:44, 10 August 2010

Hi all from Lisa

Hi there,

Ive just jumped on board and found the right place (took me a while hehe) looking forward to meeting you all and learning as much as i can. I teach a great group of Intermediate students in South Auckland, who keep me on my toes, previously teaching year 2, 3 and 4 students. Im looking forward to starting a blog to share my journey on this course! Have a great day!!


Lisa05 (talk)10:41, 3 August 2010

just testing

Sana (talk)15:12, 2 August 2010