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Thanks for the note on my user page. I'm responding here cause I noticed that no one had posted here yet. How interesting that your life path is so similar to mine. I enjoyed reading about you on your page.

I'm just getting started here on WE (just a few months ago). I think wikis have great potential to deepen online learning beyond where it is today. I'm planning to use a Carnegie Mellon open (although sadly it's licensed for non commericial use only) online course for a group of high schoolers. It's delivered using a proprietary LMS, which appears to be VERY inflexible. I am extending the course over a year and adding in lots of other material and there was no way to do that on their LMS. So I decided to specify the basic course outline, and such on WE. I'm starting with a small group of students, so we can decide together once we get going if there is opportunity to use the wiki to enhance the learning experience.

I also really like the idea of blended learning -- combining online and in person instruction. Nellie Muller has been trying out and researching blended learning in lots of situations.

Your idea to create a symposium learning opportunity on WE has great potential. Food is really a fascinating topic.

I look forward to more discussions.


ASnieckus (talk)04:07, 29 April 2009