Warm greetings from Mexico

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Hello gladys, thank you for your warm greetings and for contcting me. Yes, I have already realised, that Randy seems to be very nice and helpful to all participants. Thank you for beiing prepared to help me. at the moment my problem is lack of time, because I have such a lot of work to do outside and a lot of stuff to do at home. so I am a little late with my yourney through the learning programme, but I am interested in doing it well, because I am starting to create my own wiki - or I hope to do so. hope to meet you again Best regards


Miranda (talk)14:21, 25 February 2009

My pleasure Monika,

Don't think you are late, the good news is you are here, that's the point. You have clearly defined your goal, just go for it... at your pace :-)

SYA. Gladys G.--chela5808 01:39, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

Chela5808 (talk)14:39, 25 February 2009