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Hi Alison,

Thanks again for your suggestions and comments.

I have used your improved wording in the Introduction :-).

The Charter requires a "1st draft". We need to take into account each issue raised and all the comments to produce it.

Feel free to keep working on your version 2 and if you manage to produce something better than version 1 for the Council meeting we can use/substitute it (and perhaps call it 1.1?)

I'd prefer not to have two versions in the template at this stage - it is confusing and the Issues page refers to version 1.

For now I need to finalise what we have in version 1 and write up a report. We can still edit version 1 - I am sure you have some more good ideas on articulating the principles.

One way of proposing new wording for a section is as follows:

Proposed wording - ~~~~ <your signature>

Be respectful

Everyone can make a valuable contribution to WikiEducator. We may not always agree, but disagreement is no excuse for disrespectful behaviour. Rather, in a healthy collaboration we use differing viewpoints to advantage the outcome, choosing to resolve disagreements using consensus decisions, and to refrain from personal attacks (play the ball and not the person). In addition:
  • We are aware of the impact of our work on others, taking into account the effect of decisions on users and colleagues.
  • We are mindful that a user page and its subpages are personal pages and refrain from making uninvited additions or revisions to these works.

My comments on the above would be:

  1. Instead of "We are aware of the impact of our work on others, taking into account the effect of decisions on users and colleagues." write something like "We are aware that our work may have an impact on others and ..." (i.e. we cannot know what impact it will have exactly, but we are mindful of the community and interdependencies - previous section). I suggest not adding this bullet as it may be covered in the preceding section (proposed: Be consultative - see Issues).
  2. Exclude the second bullet too as there are too many such cases to enumerate: e.g. changes to the MediaWiki installation, templates, other people's user pages, official policy pages, project charter pages, pages in use in an on-going course, .... Guidelines for these roles/situations would be useful and often for specific projects (e.g. in a project Charter).

I will undo your change to the template for now.



PS I thought of changing the template's "1st Draft" to "Drafts" and within "Drafts" linking to "1st Draft" and to other versions. Among these could be (i) the version you started (under another name), (ii) a version with the Community and Leadership sections cleverly merged (iii) a version with the Community and Leadership sections on separate pages, etc.. For now, with the WECC meeting later this month, this approach might generate too many pages to watch and continually synchronise. If we do something like this we will have to be very clear which is the current working version for wording of sections and their headings (the others mentioned would be more to with structure). Suggestions welcome.

KTucker (talk)17:05, 2 April 2011


I see what you mean that the new version I started is premature. I agree--not a problem. I started in with the idea to try out some ideas, not really thinking out the whole process. I'll try out your suggestion to propose text for one whole principle.


ASnieckus (talk)12:32, 3 April 2011