Using the open source concept to untangle the thoughts and create shared goals

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Speaking from our experiences here at WikiEducator -- having a planned schedule with milestones linked to dates is very useful. Google calendar is .an excellent tool for this purpose -- just go for it. The more avenues the school uses to publish it's work the better.

One of the essential freedoms associated with the free software movement is that the source code is open -- Successful open source software developments release early (while code is still beta or not polished well) and release frequently. In this way projects foster a community of developers that help with code development. The scrutiny of many eyes builds quality through multiple iterations

I think Warrington is a leading example of the open approach where ideas are discussed openly recognizing that by working together we can achieve more than working alone.

Mackiwg (talk)03:45, 23 June 2008

I suppose my nagging doubts are that by placing ideas/thoughts into the wiki are that they are;

  • inappropriate - maybe going off "half cocked"
  • they will cause offense, someone will feel un-consulted, left out or take the idea the wrong way
  • the idea may not express the sentiments of all
  • make me feel a little like dancing nude at a funeral (not that i have ever done this)

But then i try to think of any other tool that allows for so many to contribute in such an open manner - there isn't one so even if the ideas are going to cause any of the above the process of open collaboration addresses these nagging doubts. Also if all humans had a vehicle to harness their good ideas for the benefit of others we would surely be working in a more creative world.

I can now see the importance of being able to teach others how to use the wiki, the increased input from many minds adds so much, and unlike in the past where just a few people had access to the controlling visions i.e Web sites, now anyone with access to the internet has the ability to collaborate.

Therefore the ability to allow people in our community without the internet assisted access; through free Gnu/Linux running computers into their homes or through using the facilities of institutions such as ours.

Rekrapenator (talk)14:25, 29 June 2008