Unit II

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1. is is a text that must be by scholars to other scholas using adequated topics and takin into consideration menay aspects such as: audience, words, analizing, considering your personal biases and the readers biases, and so on.

2. It should be writtena ccordingto the interests of academic community, the writer must know about the topic, and the writer must evaluate , analize, sthetize, and the like in order to make sure to have an approapiate topicconsidering his/her own position about the topic, the audience, and use and appropiate tone and style.

3.To share information and share opinions in order to improve knowledge of an academic community.

4. they are according to the academic community.

5. that it is writing nothing else but for academic purposes, topics related to scholar bussiness.

6. It is important because you have to take into consideration your audience and your position about it. You can not inffert that everybody will think the same as you and it must be objective instead of using just personal thoughts.

7. because the writer must know as much as possible about the topic he/she is writing about. It also must be about recent information.


  • How does academic writing differ from other types of writing?

The academic paper is a way of writing that allows the writer to be analytical; this kind of paper is the one that allows the student to talk about certain topics, but in a formal way. To write an academic paper is to go beyond your personal opinions or experiences and to provide the audience characteristics of a specific topic so that the audience becomes probably more interested on the topic. Academic writing differs from other types of writing since it is more formal and it covers different aspects than a normal or a high school paper.

  • What is the function of academic papers?

The academic paper seems to be more functional since it let the reader to take advantage of the information you are providing so they can research more about the topic. It is completely different than other kind of writing since the structure is used differs for other kinds of papers. This kind of papers will allow readers to understand and know what other people think about certain topics and to know what the academic community expects.

  • What are the concepts of academic writing?

The academic writing is done by scholars for other scholars, this means that your contributions will be relevant for others, but also this kind of paper pretends to provide different ideas in a formal way so that other readers can take advantage of your thoughts.

  • What does the following statement mean? ...academic writing is writing done by scholars for other scholars.

As I already mentioned, this kind of paper pretends to provide other readers your own hidden arguments or opinions about a certain topic, but obviously the way you present your ideas has to be formal, so the reader can feel that you are not imposing your thoughts; in contrast, you are just complementing his ideas.

  • Is it okay to include personal responses in an academic paper, why?

Not always, you can present your personal opinions and responses, but implicitly, it is important to remember that the paper should be analytical rather than personal.

  • How does one form an informed argument?

One can form an informed argument providing answers to questions, if you do not know the topic very well, you can research more about it, so you provide an analysis that supports and validates what is discussed. --Ale Rivera 20:25, 23 September 2010 (UTC)

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