Understanding of child labour

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Dear all,

Thank you for the interesting contributions. Now that you are conversant with the basics, we will move on to the next discussion, which some of you have already ushered into.

Lungowe (talk)00:18, 4 March 2011


Child Labour

<u</u>Is basically exploiting the underage children in any form forcing them to work illegally which harms  or abuses them . This abuse may be physical mental or sexual depriving the children (child labourers) of their  rights of basic education . Generally every school of thought believes that child labour would be absent in the developed countries due to their higher economic strata. Sadly this is far from true. But it any country , the degree of abuse is just the same . We have landed on moon but failed to revolutionize our society and politicians to take up the cudgely on behalf of small children who do not even know that they are exploited.


Koziba (talk)23:28, 9 April 2011