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Hi Ruth,

I hear your concerns :-). The point is that this diagram is available in an open svg format which means its very easy to change the colors so that the diagrame is more suitable for black and white printing without much effort!

Download Inkscape and the diagram -- and have play around with changing the colours to suite your needs. This is the power of open formats <smile>.

If we really want to get fancy we could have a colour version for online viewing -- and a balck and white version that is optimized for pdf output.

Cheers Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)17:36, 17 May 2008

Hi Wayne, Nice to know you are online the same time as me. How can I put it nicely ------ I just dont like that diagram. I like mine much, much better!!!!!! I suppose though, that is not the point, its what the students like and certainly my students have expressed nothing but good comments on my diagrams saying how simple and clear they are to understand. The other issue is that I want a unified style to all the diagrams. I cann't see we can get that unless we/I have total control of them. Also it takes no time to do them!!!! Assuming I have a template I can whizz them off in no time. Cheers Ruth

RLawson (talk)18:10, 17 May 2008

Hi Ruth --

Yeah -- and you're working on a Saturday, and I'm working past my bedtime on a Friday!

I learned a long time ago that the gut feel of an academic is a very accurate instrument. I'm sure that your diagrams are, from a teaching perspective, an order of magnitude better than the example I was showing.

Mmmmm -- control over content and you're prepared to use a wiki <smile>. My point is about image formats and saving time .... pdf won't do that for you.

Given your speed in whizzing of diagrams -- now if you learned how to use Inkscape you would scale up your development capacity --- over time by an order of magnitude <smile>

Hey -- I need to get some sleep. Off to go camping tomorrow in Washington state -- its a long weekend.

Mackiwg (talk)18:16, 17 May 2008