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Hi Irwin and Wayne,

Many interesting ideas here. I look forward to helping to figure out the best approach. In my mind, getting the right balance of engaging activities and reflections to support learning, but not so much as to create "busy work", is a key design factor. Maybe once we have all of the content up and chunked into pages, we can create a schedule of activities/assignments in the course guide (with estimated work times for each), to help us evaluate.

Also, I think we should be clear about the ways learners may choose to use the course in the course guide. This is where we could explain the different activities and how the learners can choose which they want to engage in.

I like the idea to create "personalized" activity templates....potentially an opportunity for some creativity...seems appropriate for an art course :)


ASnieckus (talk)00:20, 1 June 2012

Alison, couldn't agree more - no busy work. I would also envision three (if that's the number) distinctly marked pathways or points of divergence.

Idevries (talk)04:15, 1 June 2012