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BTW Schools should refuse to teach dependence? Very nice :) Liking that whole section actually.

Now ... I am feeling the need for some kind of time-line (it's the commerce student speaking now). I'm thinking that my class is actually rocking along with aspects of part two. They are slowly being exposed. Where are your kids at? Should we start VCing them just in the sense that they are getting exposed to and used to the equipment? Then my thinking is (and PLEASE tell me if you disagree) that we kick in with Part 1 in 2011? My kids have HEAPS of extra stuff to deal with from about week 5 (graduations swimming, prize givings) I'm off to Hamilton next Friday, I'm taking some CRT over the next two weeks etc etc. I do have 2 eFellow days which will be a good opportunity to get going with this project but from an organisational point of view.

Are you still holding out for Mahara before you start blogging? Because that's a 2011 thing too eh? I think you could use both blogger (or equiv) and Mahara. Would "non Maharians" have access to Mahara?

What do you think?

Yep time line - getting my kids up with what your kids are capale of will be important - we have not blogged or doen the video conferencing thing. Mahara for blog - yeh I am keen to wait till we get this but am thinking about setting up a school blog - I am playing around with a google doc for class collaboration. Connecting up our pupils soon would be good - we have to test the vidoe/skype/gmail link via the server....this would also provide a significant focus for term one rather than it being an add on to all that is going on this term???

Yay - agree. So for term 4 at warrington WALT get our server sorted! Then WALT communicate via video/skype/gmail.

ALSO - another brain wave, now I'm thinking when i use the eFellow days i will get a smaller group of kids to VC yours so that we dont have that mad hysteria screen thing happening. So when you get it sorted at your end we will make a day (not a thursday) and I'll get released for it...

k this is a good idea - i might try and connect up with a camera tomorrow and see if video gmail works...I teach Mon tue but have the option of getting access to the class (students) whenever if i ask nicely. Ah walt - teacher jargon - like prezi cool tool. Cool let us know when you're sorted - we can have an introductory sess :)

Ok still some issues to sort out at this end re connection of video - blast.

Social Literacy - I am making a transcript - then post for you - it may be the missing link - the SO WHAT as Lane would say...

Taratj (talk)19:10, 28 October 2010