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Dear Samarth

Congrats!what a wonderful initiative,totally impressed.i will not be able to do any of that.

Ask Smriti and Manasi to join your initiative to develop the page with more snaps, articles,event reports of english society,society members list etc.

Do populate the page.Upload music and other things but keep it both fun and academic.

Showcase inhouse talents with write ups on them for instance.

Mail the link to as many.

Take the entire credit for having created the page,but please call it something else,use imagination.

I will contribute too in terms of schedule of events and our vision statement.

Will revisit the page on Monday,too much on my plate right now.

Keep up the good work and do let me know if you receive this.

Anubha Ma'm

Anubhamukherji (talk)00:16, 10 October 2008