Thank you again Alison!

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Hi Jonas,

Glad to see you are continuing your work in WE. I am not certain what is meant by 'Adopt-a-User' (I wasn't part of the original creating of these rankings), but after taking a look at the editing history on the WikiBuddy page, I think it relates to the bullet before and the one after. The idea is that WE is a collaborative environment and a WikiBuddy should be making a concerted effort to help others get up to speed with how to work in a wiki. One way to find people who need help is to monitor the "Recent Changes' and the WE google group for posts from people requesting help, or who appear to need some guidance. It's usually easier to find people who need help during a Learning4Content workshop period (one just ended earlier this month), but people-in-need pop up in between as well. And of course you could help a friend get up to speed with how to work in WE.

The way we will know that you have been providing this help (for both of the last two bullets) is by studying your contributions. When displaying a person's user page, there is a link in the toolbox on the left to see a listing of that person's contributions.

You have done some excellent work on WE; the EduToolkit is a wonderful project. I'm excited to see how you will implement this in P2PU.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask further questions.


ASnieckus (talk)12:02, 31 March 2012