Testing thread for our discussion tool

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Every page in the wiki has a corresponding talk or discussion page. This is very useful for discussing the collaborative development of teaching resources in WikiEducator.

We've set up this thread so that you can test the feature and see how this works in the wiki environment. Click on the reply button below the forum post to respond to this invitation.

You also have the ability to leave a personal message on the talk page of the individual contributor by clicking on the "Talk" link displayed to the right of the contributor's user name.

Have fun!

Mackiwg (talk)09:04, 5 August 2009

Hi Everyone

Just thought I'd test out my new Wiki skills.


Bopthehonest (talk)22:50, 5 August 2009

Me too doing some testing.

I had a wonderful time at Heywire8 in Wellington. I missed the morning because I was running a session (3hr) with first time mothers and their babies, who are all 7-9 months old. We introduced block play and puzzles. That makes 4 areas of play we have discussed with the mothers. It is a pleasure to watch parents allow their children the freedom to eat playdough, to eat eat sand and to crawl into and over each other babies. And what are the adults doing? Learning to trust their children.

--Victoria Spagnolo 12:25, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Irishbreakfast (talk)00:25, 7 August 2009