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It is very true that the availability of technology does not necessarily guarantee its use for sustainable enterprise development. One way is to encourage people to start using open source software and to also encourage governments to teach ICT with open source software. We normally try to depend mostly on programmes such as microsoft which must be bought before its utilisation or at worst use a cracked version which is a "back door" way of using it. In Ghana, the Teaching Syllabus for ICT prepared by the Ministry of Education uses microsoft programmes to deliver instruction. It does not have any free software for it's instruction.

Civil organisations can also sponsor programmes for the public on the use of such programmes including its development. We have been trained so much to depend on the technology that costs.

Example of some non-commercial products I will use is Ubuntu, linux mint, open office, etc.

Kafuiaheto (talk)07:13, 19 March 2011