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Hi All,

Ignorance on the benefits of ICT, lack of information, lack of finance to obtain technological know- how, poor access of majority of people in the business locality, are some of the reasons why available technology may not be used to promote business sustainability.

Access is a major problem in most developing countries in Africa, especially in the rural areas where majority of the population reside and so the benefits of ICT in business continues to elude majority of people in these countries. Finance is also a problem, big business have little challenges in financing their ICT needs, but most small business are unable to pay for the services of setting up a website for instance and other services such as software development.

A non-commercial product which I would recommend to small business owners is the free Microsoft Office live services that offers small business owners free website design and hosting services. With this product small business owners can design their website using the free software provided by Microsoft and also have their website hosted for free or at a minimal cost for those who may want a domain name not linked to Microsoft office live

Shining Star (talk)22:41, 18 March 2011