Sustaining BDS Programmes

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Dear Ubandoma,

Many thanks for your wella argued intervention. It outlines some of the important steps that are necessary to build in the concept and achieve sustainability. The issue of identifying a need at the start, backed by a proper analysis (needs assessment) will be able to demonstrate a felt need. The issue of payment mechanism is important. Entrepreneurs, including youth entrepreneurs, are rational people. They wil pay for something that brings in value. They will pay for something that will help them to grow. So, if something is good, they will pay for it. The issue of proper selection of partner instituions is extremely important as well. Very important. If you have the wrong bed fellow, things will never work.

You reminded me about the three dimensions of sustainability, which I will allude to as I summarize my discussion in a few minutes. Check it out in a few minutes. JC

Chirove (talk)07:36, 24 March 2011