Sustaining BDS Programmes

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Hi! team

Why do you think your sustanability model has worked ?

Hi! at this point I can't say there is any project to say that i have been involved using the sustainability model , but so far in my country we have what is called Local Enterprise Authority and their main responsibility is to capacitate young entrepreneurs, I am thier client , we have completed my business plan and waiting to get funds from the local business funders , they have trained me on Entrepreneurship development and they are going to continue training me until my business is well establish.

We also have what is called the Business place which is an NGO which also grooms young people into young entrepreneurs, we also have a private company called Career Diversity which also does the same, and at the University of Botswana, we have the business clinic which does the same for young people who are studying there.

I am proud to say this , reading through the course materials offered in thi course , it helped me to develop a project concept for one of the projects that I am directing this year, we have decided to form a three way partnership (NGOs,Private sector and the government mainly focusing on BDS and business funders ) to see if the BDS can't help our country to have sustainable businesses. I will tell you more about it while I am in Zambia.


Koziba (talk)20:41, 6 April 2011