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Hi Katie & Lisa - I think you have pick up on a really key point about "sustainability does not become an issue and the professional development for the future must meet the needs of a changing staff". It's quite common to do a big push at launch, roll out or implementation time and then find in a few of months (maybe a year or two) after you have had a few staff changes, that only about half of them know what to do. I think one of the keys to really making technology a sustainable change to work practices is to consider how you can embed the new practices in daily or regular work. And the other thing to consider is how will the new staff in a few months (or a year) be introduced & inducted into these regular work practices? It might be as simple as a one on one session with an existing user or bit more fancy with giving them a guided example to follow. Keep up the marathon phone sessions ... Cheers, Rach

Thanks Rachel - I agree totally with sustainability. Thinking my special project next year is creating a wiki that allows a range of forms to support what the teachers know, do and need to know. Our teachers server is full of ...  ;) Katie

Rachel humphrey (talk)20:22, 22 September 2010