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Ok have tried to write two summaries on this page - Nice to have a summary on top of the thread:

A few observations and possible bugs:

  • After writing and saving a summary - a "summary" tab appears on the page - somewhat confusing because the user is on the relevant summary page.
  • Its difficult to navigate back to the discussion page or corresponding article.
  • In cases of single posts or "closed" discussions - it would be rather nice to be able to archive the thread, not sure how we are supposed to archive threads <smile>.

Always fun testing new technology.

Mackiwg (talk)00:08, 28 November 2007
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Don't mind me, just testing LiquidThreads. Question: What determines the color of a user's signature?

Imperialles (talk)19:13, 27 October 2007

When a talkpage is shown, colors are assigned to users in the order that they are encountered. But once a color has been used for a certain user, that user gets the same color throughout the talkpage. But they may get a different color on another talkpage.

DavidMcCabe (talk)19:13, 27 October 2007

The summarized threads are automatically archived after another 14 days. This delay is to allow for an edit war over the summary itself. Manual archiving of unsummarized threads, perhaps by admins only, is a possible future feature.

The navigation problems are a serious known bug.

Best regards,

DavidMcCabe (talk)00:08, 28 November 2007

Thanks David,

Automated archiving is better. I was under the impression that once the prompt for summarising appears that users were required to take a decision about whether to archive or not and do this manually.

Automated archiving after another 14 days is really COOL.

I can hardly remember life before LQT and these days when I visit a MW installation without LQT I experience withdrawal symptoms :-).


Mackiwg (talk)00:08, 28 November 2007

A cool feature indeed!

Would it make sense to have the box requesting a summary (and archive) to appear only if the length of the discussion is more than x characters?

and to have an option to remove the box - e.g. if the discussion is expected to take a long time, or if the discussion should remain visible indefinitely? - Perhaps an "extend" button which will give it another 14 days?

(The box implies the discussion is dead - sometimes I start a discussion but do not invite everyone all at once within two weeks - and would prefer the box not to appear.).

Alternatively, just include two unobtrusive links on all discussions: "extend" and "summarise and archive" ?? - Ktucker 12:08, 27 November 2007 (CET)

Ktucker (talk)00:08, 28 November 2007