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Great, thanks. And I like the addition of the size standard. If Irwin and I come up with anything else, we'll improve....

hmmm, I wonder if we should add in something about searching the commons first, before uploading a new image. I'll add something; see what you think.

ASnieckus (talk)13:40, 29 May 2012

Good suggestion about the wiki commons -- (you could perhaps add that if an open image is sourced elsewhere to consider uploading it on the Commons before embedding in WE as a way "to give back" to the free culture ;-)

Mackiwg (talk)14:04, 29 May 2012

Definitely a two-way street. I added a further bit. (In addition to the broader audience, I particularly like encouraging use of WC because of their strict enforcement of documentation/licensing.)


ASnieckus (talk)10:14, 1 June 2012

Thanks Alison,

Yep - -if it were up to me, I would prefer restricting WE image uploads to the Wikimedia commons for the same reason. It would reduce our workloads in auditing the licenses of all images in OERu courses.

Video presents other challenges and we'll need to work through acceptable solutions for embedding video with our partners.

Mackiwg (talk)12:41, 1 June 2012