Suggestions for Phase 3.0

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  • WE have to develop a sustainable nonprofit management model for WikiEducator. For that the WE community may be further strengthened in a formal way...A WikiEducator Foundation?
  • In the next version, we may bring in Qualification Framework so that the content can be developed or linked with more meaning to the activity involved.
  • In the next version we may work on dual mode, I mean, Moderated and Non-moderated.
  • Moderation is essential to ensure the suitability of content for qualification framework. Therefore we may think about a group moderation scheme.
  • At the same time we may also continue the present set up for those who cannot wait for moderation. Moderators can also pick content from non- moderated interface.
  • Connecting to an earlier thread about the urgent requirement of teacher education in ZA, we have to offer support officially. Before that we require some urgent and very basic preparations. For example, WE has now a very good repository of learning content…but as pointed out by many earlier, collaboration happens seldom. In our L4C Workshops we have to give greater emphasis on the best wiki practice on where to start a new page? Now it is time to take this vital structural issue seriously. We have to take special care to avoid the situation wherein valuable content lay scattered, and we move towards creating another wikipedia, rather than learning content supportive to QFs and Curricula.
  • A monthly e-News letter to introduce major events, new projects and higlighting the progress in existing projects may be started to facilitate collaboration.
  • Another thing we should do is to keep panels of WEs with specific experience and aptitude that can help us in the event of WE taking up projects officially. There should be a system to enlist names and other details voluntarily by members and a verification process to ensure the reliability. Online Volunteering project of UN and Professional Educational Organization International are doing the same successfully for years.
  • WE also requires a communication and research strategy. As a general support mechanism, the WCC may think about (1) an official communication strategy and a setup to keep such connections active and productive and (2) another setup for Research and analysis to group and relate the information together, with the help of the Community, to systematic ODL documents and publish them on WE and to provide support to the community when it voluntarily attempt such documentation process.

Anil Prasad 13:19, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

Anil Prasad (talk)01:19, 9 December 2008