Suggestion to create a category for Albany Senior High

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Great front page. I love how you describe the learning environment at Albany. And the fact that it's an open source school, well, that's very cool.

One of the areas of WikiEducator that I've been working on is categorisation (see our project pages at Workgroup:Categories. (Some basics about categories are available at Help:Category.)

I've come to the thought lately that all institutions represented on WikiEducator would benefit from having a category to collect all of their institution-related pages into one listing. This would include pages about the institution as well as resources created by affiliated staff (individual pages and subcategories of collected pages) and any other relevant pages or subcategories. The obvious name would be Category:Albany Senior High School.

Adding a page to a category is simple. Add the code [[Category:Name of category]] to the page, typically at the bottom.

You can also use the {{ASHS_Nav}} template to transclude the category to the pages on which the template is used.

The code to add to the template would look something like:

<includeonly>[[Category:Name of category|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]</includeonly>

<noinclude>[[Category:Name of category|τ]]</noinclude>

The section after the pipe is a sort key that specifies the order of the category listing. The first listing is transcluded into the Albany Senior High School pages (causing each page to be sorted according to its subpage name or lowest level page). The second listing categorises the template page into the category under the Greek letter tau.

One of the action items for the categories workgroup is to figure out how to work with authors to implement categories. Please reply as to your thoughts on this suggestion.

Regards, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)15:55, 25 January 2010