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 Hi Alison,
         Yes ,I understood your idea that Educational Psychology is a subcategory under Teacher Education and I should treat this page which you told as the main Category page for Educational Psychology .Isn't it? So  shoould I add the Category Teacher Education there to link this subcategory  (Educational Psychology ) with its main Category page ( Teacher Education) ? Hope that my questions are not troubling you ! I appreciate your patience in teaching me 

Warm wishes


Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)11:22, 29 February 2012

Hi Balqis,

I don't think I'm understanding your question....the words that we have available to communicate about categories and pages are very overlapping in meaning. I'll just continue and maybe we can get to a common understanding in any case.

The change you have made to the Ed Psych page is correct. The thing to keep in mind is that regular pages are content (OER), which we want to put into categories with other similar pages, for ease of finding similar content.

Then category pages (any page which begins with the term "Category:") are added as subcategories of related category pages (by adding the Category code of the related category to the category page).

Now if a person lands on the Ed Psych page which you have made, they might go to the Ed Psych category (by clicking the link at the bottom of the page), might look through the resources there, and then might click on the link at the bottom of that page to go to the Teacher Education category to see what's there. And then in the TEacher Ed category they might find another category to investigate.

So far Ed Psych is the only subcategory in Category:Teacher Education, but there should be many more....that is part of the work of the categories workgroup: to work out the logical connections among categories.

I see that you added a few more pages to Category:Educational Psychology. Glad it's coming along.

I am glad to help you better understand how it works. I remember when it was all new to me. Hope this helps.


ASnieckus (talk)12:38, 29 February 2012

Hi Alison,

That was my question whether what I did on Ed Psych page was correct .I am happy to hear what I did was correct ! Could you please tell me that what pages constitute the "regular pages"? Does it cover all the pages like User pages .Tons of thanks again Love and regards Balqis

Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)20:06, 29 February 2012