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Lets through around ideas looking at the pros and cons during our skype catch-up.


  • For this course - I think the main namespace is the best solution. The implication is that we should provide guidelines for OERu anchor partners when taking this decision for inclusion in the style guide. I think we may need a rough consensus poll on this one to gauge opinion.
  • We're agreed on avoiding Module or numbers in page titles ;-)
  • I too am a fan of first letter capitalized in page titles with the exceptions. Also a guidline to use underscores instead of spaces would be nice.

Look forward to our chat.

Mackiwg (talk)13:43, 1 June 2012

Agreed, we can discuss further at our Monday chat.

Just to get us thinking are there other topics on the list for discussion on Monday? Maybe it would be useful to start a thread or section on our planning page, so we can document results following our meeting.


ASnieckus (talk)00:55, 2 June 2012

At our Skype call today, Irwin, Wayne and I confirmed that we will go with the following structure: modules set in main namespace and without numbers in the titles. We failed to discuss capitalization. I will check with Irwin to confirm that he is OK with the first letter capitalization style.

ASnieckus (talk)11:33, 6 June 2012