Style guide-design suggestions

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Hi Anil,

Thank you very much for these suggestions. Clearly your extensive wiki experience is adding much value to the OERu initiative.

I suspect that many of the structural components you recommend will be incorporated into the style guide as we move forward. Thanks for these suggestions.

With reference to some of the pedagogical aspects, for example inclusion of learning objectives, the OERu partners decided at the 2011.11 meeting that we would not dictate pedagogical approaches. For instance, there are learning design models which would argue against the inclusion of behavioral objectives -- so its unlikely that pedagogical recommendations will be included in the style guide.

However, the style guide specify layout guidelines where pedagogical elements are included in the pages to promote consistency, for example using pedagogical templates to assist with the look and feel of course materials.

Mackiwg (talk)17:11, 10 May 2012