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can you be more specific about what you would like here?

Wikirandy (talk)03:04, 24 July 2008

For my own work, I would like to designate a "status" (this may not be the right term) to wiki pages / articles, either individually or in groups.

  • memo to self (MTS) - essentially personal notes, random thoughts, to do list, links with/without explanation, my "stuff" and I really don't want it altered, and I don't expect comments, feedback as discussion entries.
  • read only - one or more pages that are part of a resource, notes for a course, lessons - these are available "as is". Unless I explicitly invite someone to help, these are "read-only" content. It may be useful to designate these as "complete" or "work in progress". Most OER content is in this group - feel free to make derivative work. Some way of identifying links to derivative works (through link backs) would be great so there is a record and trail if someone translated some or all of this OER. I appreciate comments, feedback as discussion entries.
  • help wanted - collaboration welcome - a stub or partial work, outline, description of contributions of expertise, knowledge and/or skills for expanding this work. This would be a great way to engage students or other contributors who want to help, but are not yet creating new content from scratch.
Vtaylor (talk)15:49, 24 July 2008