Social constructivism

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More thought needs to be put into making activities that construct knowledge in social groups or social contexts. This seems to be the one that needs the most attention

I have added in summary a return to context and KWL to keep our 'problem' current in the minds of the learners

Whaeatina (talk)14:35, 27 September 2009

Hi Tina,

I completely agree with the above comment - there is no consistency with the pedagogy throughout this unit. I also find that there are no instructions that accompany a number of the activities. Please will everyone look at the activities they have done, and add instructions so that the activity is clear to both the students and the teachers i.e. is this group work, should the questions be answered after reading the content etc. Also please will those who have created activities check that they align with the chosen pedagogy - Tina your expert help will be appreciated here.

I don't see how a comprehension or reading through content and answering a couple of questions, comprehension-style, fits either into PBL or Social Constructivism... Do you people agree? Also this leaning towards PBL needs to be further emphasized throughout this unit.

Tina, I appreciate you keeping a close eye on all activities to see that they match the pedagogy.

Kind regards, Leigh (talk)19:18, 27 September 2009