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1. Should discussions on HIV/AIDS be incorporated into the course? Why?

           Yes, discussions on HIV/AIDS should be incorporated into the course

-They have to understand the effects of HIV/AIDS in their business, and develop strategies that address the challenges and effects that are caused by HIV /AIDS example like HIV awareness workshops for his/her employees. It will ensure that employees get adequate information on HIV/AIDS prevention and care from the workplace, where they spend a greater amount of their time daily. It will also safeguard businesses from low productivity which may result from high morbidity and mortality due to HIV/AIDS -Young people are the most vulnerable group to HIV/AIDS, because this is the group which more sexual active, this is the group through which some are looking for partners to marry, some are learning new and more things are about sexuality, one thing that I have realized is that people who are in business with money turn to be engaged in more sexual activities get to have more multi-concurrent partners due to the power of the money they have ,hence exposing themselves to high rates of catching up the HIV virus ,therefore they need to know more about HIV /AIDS and fact that it affects everyone , and there is no human being who is resistant to HIV.

2. Make a presentation to them on the impacts of HIV/AIDS on Businesses, especially on a Small Business (youth enterprise) like the ones they intend to set up. <just give them a graphic picture of HOW HIV/AIDS effects the various aspects (or production elements) of their business.> • Understanding young people’s Situation of HIV/AIDS • Differences between HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections and other diseases • The difference between Sign and Symptoms of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infection • Myths about HIV /AIDS • How one can get infected with HIV and how he/she can infect others. • HIV re-infection while one is HIV positive • Things that puts one at high risk of HIV infection • Different methods of HIV prevention mechanism • Voluntary Testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS • HIV/AIDS in the workplace • Care and Support for Affected Person

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