Session 9: 1 1/4 hrs. Student directed 26.5.09

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Today's class! Feedback from Paolo and Nuu on 'Hands Up'

Look at the Self and Peer feedback models

Then consider the following:

Tutor ideas on what needs to be done before the week of 'sustainability'

1. Write the assessment for pre-modernation:
Use this task as a way to set your goals for your project. This needs to be done asap. State how the movie will cover the first 2 learning outcomes and write a written assessment to reflect on your project, including 'an understanding of the science and systems of sustainability'.
2. Secure the use of camera's and get familiar with how to use them. Wayne is available next Tues afternoon to do a tutorial on using a camera and standing in front of it!
3. Research each topic for the week of sustainbility, in terms of:
  • What is the effect of not living this way on our environment, society and economy?
  • What are the benefits of operating this way on our environment, society and economy?
  • What are the benefits to each of us personally in living/operating this way?

Each of you need to be able to answer these questions as fully as possible in order to 'Demonstrate an understanding of the sustainable management of our environment, society and economy' - learning outcome 1 and to show understanding of an issue (internationally and locally) - learning outcome 2.

Use the resources on the wiki that have not been used yet.

4. What other research or 'preping' needs to happen before the week of sustainability happens? E.g. going op-shopping with the camera (4 people who are down for this), collecting your packaging on one day in order to compare it the day you attempt to minimise or have no packaging, book in your class vegetarian dinner - make sure you have the money and time off work - I'd like to come with my family!
5. Brainstorm all other actions that need to happen and when they need to be done. Don't feel you are constrained to 'class time'. You can pick your meeting times and places knowing that I am available on Tues pm, Wed am and Frid am negotiable.
6. Use the timetable (Anna will need to 'invite' those who have not been invited to use the timetable) to ensure that everything that needs doing is going to happen when it needs to.
Annah (talk)15:27, 26 May 2009