Session 8: 1 1/2 hrs. Student directed 20.5.09

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Continue the brainstorm from yesterday.

DocDrama - Students slice of sustainable life!

- Create a movie showing how (in pairs) you have made changes in your own life, the barriers you met in making the changes and how successful you were in doing so. Having a topic a day.

Everyone attempts to follow the theme each day and does a video diary entry etc day. The people named below have 2 cameras between them and film them doing their thing each day.

Monday: Re-used clothing - Mandy, Paolo, Bex, Joseph

Tuesday: Car-less day - Steph, Nuu, Rebecca, Joseph

Wednesday: Power saving day - Miki, Steph, Giang, Paolo

Thursday: Help someone else day/Supporting community - Mandy, Paolo, Giang, Nuu

Friday: No packaging day - Bex, Mandy, Miki, Rebecca

Saturday: Eating lower on the food chain/Low energy food - Everyone

Sunday: rubbish/recycling day - Joseph, Bex, Nuu, Giang

Topics: Pre-loved clothes, car pooling/bus use, power, plastic bags, waste, food and composting

Shortened version of the Story of Stuff, leading onto the 7 days of living sustainably

Create the assessment - this also means designing a marking guide

Create a class contract

Look at self and peer feedback model

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