Session 7: 1 1/4 hrs. Travel and tourism. Start of Student directed learning 19.5.09

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Slide show on Maori connection to the land.

Brainstorming session on the form their action will take and what they might do.

Show the HandsUp advertisement for the youth gathering this Monday on issues of sustainability. Push this as a forum worth attending as a group to share your knowledge and gather ideas on implementing your action.

Two students (and there maybe more) have signed up for the HandsUp gathering on Monday.

Brainstorm: - Actions

1. Indirect: stall outside OPSA, educating on issues of sustainability, sausage sizzle etc... Free vegies. OPSA advertises it and fronts up with the $$ towards it. Email list for those who want to know more about an issue. This seemed to be the most popular option. The group talked about coinciding this with World Environment Day, but it would be a huge push as it's only a couple of weeks away. There was a suggestion that it's done 2 weeks later under the banner of World Environment Day is not the only day we need to consider our world environment!

2. Direct: Recycling paper in the workplace and here at the Polytech - bins for recycling paper - getting bins in place, education through posters etc with a survey, bins are recycled already. Save the paper everyday and look at how much is saved. No recycling bins currently in student computer labs.

3. Direct - Saving ink - IT change all the printers to 'ink save' mode. Re-using cartridges.

4. Indirect - Mondays in Green Campaign: Focus on student flats - clean up.

5. Direct - Recycling - Working with council to address the issue of recycling bins in studentville.

6. Create a 'carbon off-setting' area in the LivingCampus for people to plant trees to off-set their travel.

7. Vegie garden in the LivingCampus - start a plot and create a LivingCampus

8. Walking bus for Primary Schools

9. Create a movie around sustainability - educating students on how they might live more sustainably. Video diary, story of changes you're attempting to make in your own lives.

Brainstorm on how they might be assessed (if they have enough from the last brainstorm to do this).

None of the following were covered today:

Go through the 'feedback session' idea so they understand how it works and it's relevance to the self and peer feedback part of the assessment.

Class contract

Put forward that Tuesdays will be 'tutorial' days run by me. I don't I'll do this now as they are running going to run with their ideas. I'll put all the DvD's and other resources forward as resources available for their action.

Annah (talk)16:35, 17 May 2009