Session 6: Tutor feedback

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Things seem to consolidate today. We talked more indepth about a number of concepts that we touched on and things seem to come together for the group. There was more discussion and openness with thoughts and opinions people had and there seemed to be more motivation and enthusiasm from the group.

There was an obvious gap in knowledge and understanding between those who had been coming to class and those who hadn't. I still had to work quite hard to get information out of some people, but the majority of people are getting into it.

We reflected on and shared opinions on The Story of Stuff which seemed to have a substantial and positive impact on people's understanding! We talked about the Fish game and the learning that came from that practical experience.

Looking at the System conditions, practical examples of the Laws of Thermodynamics and Photosynthesis really helped understanding and it was good to have done this a number times.

We then looked at the models for EfS. The best one was the Action Competence models as we made the association between how this class was to operate and the techniques for teaching EfS as far as developing action competence. We looked at the learning outcomes on the Course outline, then the students made comments on their blogs on the form (type and process) of action they thought would be best for the rest of this class. Have a look at their blogs (course participants blogs). The link for this is at the end of the first section on the wiki.

Annah (talk)16:07, 17 May 2009