Session 6: 3 hrs, Travel and Tourism Yr 2, Otago Polytechnic, 15.5.09

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Reflection on the Fish Game. What is some of the learning that people took from the game? How has it increased your understanding of sustainability in practice?

Story of Stuff - share some of the thoughts recorded on your blog after watching this.

Ecofootprint - what were the results for people, e.g. how many planets does your lifestyle need? What are some of the ways that you are already living sustainably? How can you increase the amount of sustainable living you do?

Look at the Laws of Thermodynamics and Photosynthesis - get them to come up with practical examples of how these laws work in the world. Do this in smaller groups and report back to the class.

Look at the Systems slideshow. Discuss as we go.

Look at the models for EfS. Relate these to what we already know and show how we have used or are going to use some of these ideas in this class.

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