Session 4: Tutor feedback

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Going through the 10 Myths of Sustainability was valuable, but took some time. It was good to look at real examples and have a discussion about some points. It made me realise that I had covered a lot of those things already and it helped people to see that they had learnt a bit about what Sustainability is and isn't.

The Story of Stuff was good, but took ages to buffer each section. I opened up multiple sections on Youtube as well and we moved through it quickly after that. Didn't have time to discuss it as a class so they will do it on their blogs. Not as ideal as discussing it in person straight after the fact would have been better. However I mentioned that we would talk about it on Friday.

Went through the Ecofootprint slideshow to just show it too them. Asked them to do this for themselves and publish it or write about it on their blogs and comment on someone else's blog.

One student had done it already. This was good modelling for the others I think!

Annah (talk)17:39, 12 May 2009