Session 2: Tutor feedback

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We started by the picture activity. A number of random pictures are put in front of the students, they choose one and say what it says to them about sustainability. A couple of students couldn't do this as they didn't understand sustainability. That was Ok. We moved on.

Next they had to brainstorm sustainability and come up with a class definition:

Definition: "The connection between two or a number of things where everything benefits to preserve or conserve a resource."

Looked at the slideshow of the Journey the Polytech is on. Skipped a number of slides here.

Looked at the reflective framework and decided it was too complex for smaller reflections so developed another for this purpose. Added this to the Reflection link.

Played Zoom.

Found that some students were still not 'getting' sustainability so will add a few more models and some science for the start of next session. Found it difficult to engage them, but remaining silent for a looonnnngggg time encouraged someone to break the silent with an answer - a spot on one in fact! Will have to use this more until the get the hang of interacting!

Good session, though it is taking longer than expected to get through the material. Will have to prioritise what is left!

Annah (talk)10:00, 6 May 2009