Session 13: Presenting their research

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Again a poor attendance rate today and of those who did attend 40% hadn't done any research, even with the Friday off class to do it. I would not let them take classes off in the future. In this situation they could have researched from within the class or gone across to the library from class. In some situations I'm sure the students who take on the responsibility and could be trusted to work in their own time. Unfortunately not in this situation for some.

60% of those in attendance did do some form of 'research.' If everyone does their best the collaborative research maybe enough to help them speak with some level of knowledge to their video diary, however stand alone none of the individual research was ideal to know:

1. What it is that needs to happen in our lives to change the current unsustainable practices that occur every day?
2. What are the effects of unsustainable practice on our society, economy and environment?
3. What are the benefits of practicing sustainability on our society, economy and environment?
4. What are the benefits to individuals of practicing sustainability?

See students blogs to read what they came up with.

Annah (talk)15:11, 3 June 2009