Session 12: Using a video camera

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Wayne Johnson from the Media section of the University of Otago's Information Technology department gave a lesson on basic video camera use, including framing, sequencing shots, allowing time before and after the 'action' etc. It was a useful lesson for those who turned up!

Unfortunately attendance is still an issue and is making life harder for those who are trying to make the project work. It will work, though if attendance rates are still poor individuals are risking failure of the course. Strange since the students choose this project for themselves, yet still aren't committed to come along and work together to get the best result. Not sure what else can be done about this. Attendance or lack of will be reflected in their grade through the self and peer feedback and also through lack of understanding when it comes to sharing their knowledge and experience in each video diary. Anyway...???

Annah (talk)15:06, 3 June 2009