Session 10: 1 1/2 hrs. Student directed 27.5.09

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Completed timetable of what needs to happen.

I (tutor) doing the assessment schedule for assignment. I need to write the self and peer feedback.

Tutor reflection on the last few sessions:

The last few session have been very busy. Things are picking up speed and the students are getting into the small details of the project. Most people are turning up to class and are involved in discussion - not all but most.

There is still a lot of focus on 'doing things for the camera' rather than attempting to live according to the theme they have choosen for each day as best they can. Doing this will produce the best outcome for the movie!

The google timetable is looking very full and this has proven to be a good way to communicate with everyone as everyone has access to editing it.

Those in class have agreed to check their email every day and a list of cell phone numbers has been created.

The idea of a class contract was discussed last time and there are quite negative connatations around this concept. There was a geering of 'no put downs' somewhere in the discussion. That's OK. It doesn't seem necessary as agreements, guidelines are being made by the class as necessary, such as checking their email every day.

There has been concern about the 'group' work in terms of assessment and a few people doing most of the work. Attendence, the self and peer feedback and performance in Task 2 should reflect the work done by individuals. There was a brief discussion around that fact that this is a common phenomeon in society, e.g. there will always be people who work the system and don't do their share. At the end of the day if you want something you do it and you get out what you put in, therefore those who don't do their share won't get much out.

This is a way of thinking that students today have that does need to be considered. Group work is increasingly important as people inability to work in groups is evident in all areas of society. This is where a lot of the issues are in society - including the social aspect of sustinability. Transparent communication and collaboration is what the world needs! This project will inadvertently show this.

Personally I am excited at the way the students have taken this opportunity. The idea they have come up with is fantastic and their motivation and input is ever increasing. I am looking forward to the week that we all live sustainably (according to the theme of the day)! The creation of the movie will also be fun!

Annah (talk)09:59, 27 May 2009